Two More Musical Experiments… And a Podcast.

photo of an omlette - in now way connected to the contents of the blog post.It’s been another very creative day – after the video that I put up this morning, I got working again on some more musical experiments using the looperlative with the new buttons that I’ve programmed.

Each day that I experiment with these glitchy replace functions, it feels like I’m getting closer them being ‘musically transparent’ – where the music is bigger than the technique… I’m trying to get so comfortable with the tech that I can employ it while focussing on the music.

So here are the two AudioBoo idea-grabs that I did today:

And then (as if that wasn’t productive enough for one day!) I headed down to the British Library (as I commented on Twitter earlier, Steve Lawsons are generally at home in Libraries) to record a podcast with Thom AKA Minifig. We chatted about music and social media, the news and a few more philosophical things. You can listen to it on their podcast page, or via the embed below:


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