More New Music: Video of a Looperlative Glitchy Bluesy Electronica Experiment

screen grab of the Vimeo page for the video embedded in this blog post at stevelawson.netHere’s another new ‘public beta’ video – this time, I’m experimenting with some new functions that’ve just been added to the Looperlative LP1. (that’s the looping device I use…)

The new tricks are around the idea of ‘replacing‘ bits of a loop, with other audio, giving it a chopped up, glitchy feel. The main effect I’m using is a ‘quantise replace‘ function, that replaces bits, but switches on on and off on the beat, so when I hit the button it waits for the next exact subdivision of the loop (in this case, 1/96th of the whole loop time) before doing anything, and again to switch off again.

In the middle, I’ve got some of them reversing and going to half speed while the replace bits are being recorded, which means that they play back at double speed and backwards, for even more baffling effect…

I’ve got a few other applications of the same trick, that are less gnarly and nasty than this one (this was designed as a kind of screwed up urban deconstructed blues kinda thing… not sure if it ends up anywhere near that, but still… Enjoy!

Steve Lawson’s public beta musical experimentations. 🙂 from Steve Lawson on Vimeo.

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