Announcing 'Beyond Bass Camp'.

photo of Steve Lawson live at the Greenbelt FestivalIf you’re an avid watcher of my various online streams – be it Twitter, Facebook or Friendfeed – you’ll have noticed over that last few days I’ve been talking about, and link to,

It’s a series of monthly masterclasses, inspired by the ones I give in California every January – for the last 4 or 5 years, I’ve been doing a day long seminar there, for up to about 25 bassists. Some years I’ve done two – a more general bass class, and then a solo bass focussed class on the Sunday.

But I’ve never done anything like it in London – the only masterclasses I’ve done here have been in colleges, univerities and a clinic at the Bass Centre (with Michael Manring – it was the last clinic they held in the Wapping Store before it moved).

So clearly it was time to make it available. But in order to make it the best possible learning experience for those coming along, I’m limiting the class size to 5 poeple at a time.

Anyway, I’ve posted all the details over in a blog post and an FAQ/info page. Please head over there to read about it.

The blog over on the site is going to be my education/music culture-focussed blog from now on, which is nice, cos I’ll be able to write more, and with a little more focus.

And of course, B*B*C has a Twitter account – @beyondbasscamp – and a Facebook ‘Fan’ Page. Feel free to add/friend/follow or share either.

If you’ve got any questions, please do post them over on the BeyondBassCamp Blog.

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