Get in touch

If you’ve got a music related question, it nice if those are asked publicly so other people can benefit from the answer and I don’t need to keep repeating myself. I need a ‘questions’ page here for that, but my Facebook Page probably works pretty well. Or Twitter.

If you’re wanting to:

  • organise a gig
  • find out about bass lessons or college/uni lecture-stuff
  • hire me for a project
  • talk about academic research

you can email me via the form below, and I’ll endeavour to get back to you, (if your email isn’t filtered off as spam before it gets to me!)

PLEASE don’t email me to see about inserting links in my blog, to tell me about a broken link that you just happen to have a replacement for or to ask about guest-posts. Your emails will just be deleted. I just don’t have time to keep replying ‘no‘.

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