The thing I get asked about most: bass gear:

Fretted and Fretless Elrick Gold Series SLC 6 string custom basses – Dunlop Superbright nickels on the fretted, and Dunlop flatwounds on the fretless, both have Aero pickups, Hipshot hardware and passive electronics.

Fretted and Fretless Modulus custom 6 string basses – both have Dunlop flatwounds, John East preamps, the fretless has Lane Poor pickups and the fretted has Aguilar DCBs.

Fretted Modulus Q4 (refinished in 1999 by Martin Peterson) – with Dunlop Stainless Steel Superbrights, Lane Poor pickups, and a John East preamp.

Rick Turner Renaissance  fretless 5 string.

Trickfish Bullhead Mini 500 head + 112-mini cabs (x2 in stereo)
Jule Monique Tube Preamp

Current Rack set-up (in order of signal flow):

this all goes into a Keith McMillen K-Mix, which sometimes sends the signal back out to the Looperlative LP1 looper. The main signal from that comes straight back to the K-Mix.


One the floor (in order)

  • Dunlop Mini Volume Pedal
  • Keith McMillen Softstep 2 (controlling the MOD DuoX and the Looperlative), with a 2nd Dunlop mini volume for CC control.)
  • MOD Devices Footswitch


Drums etc.
Keith McMillen Quneo playing percussion and keyboard sounds hosted in the DuoX (or in Ableton Live when I’m using the Looperlative)

all recorded into Reaper (which also hosts Ableton Live as a VSTi)

Slickbag Gigbags, Dunlop brass slide, Latchlake anodised slide, eBow+, Dunlop picks, Evidence Audio cables and SIS patch cable system, Aero D-Buz hum-elimination cable, Pedaltrain pedalboards, SKB Rack case, Argos £8 table to put the rack on. 😉

Other pedals (often swapped in on rotation):
MXR Thump Preamp, Bass Overdrive, Bass Distortion, Bass Fuzz, Suboctave Bass Fuzz, Bass Chorus Deluxe, Dunlop Mini Bass Wah, Aguilar Tone Hammer, Agro, Filter Twin, Chorusaurus, Fuzzistor, Octave, Compressor, TC Electronic Flashback Delay, HOF Mini, Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor, Markbass MiniDIST, Pigtronix Infinity Looper, Infinity 2, Philosopher’s Tone, Line 6 DL4, Looperlative LP2

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