Two Contrasting New Musical Experiments (Video)

photo of a painting from the Urban Scrawl exhibition in London, April 09Here’s the two latest bits of ‘public beta test music’ that I’ve put up online.

They contrast a couple of different possible uses of the functions I’ve been exploring on the Looperlative of late – the first being using the replace functions as an ancillary bleepy effect in an otherwise mellow ballad, and the second being a full-on rhythmic bleep-fest, that veers much closer to glitch-core (though the fact that my rhythmic reference point is just a fairly slow ‘four on the floor’ kick-drum style pattern is a little less interesting than you’d expect from something more obviously IDM…)

Anyway, here they are, hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to share the links to them with your friends, to embed the videos on your own blog, and generally let people know what I’m up to here. It’s kinda fun putting the stuff that would normally happen behind closed doors, as part of the development process, out there in front of people to see how ideas develop and how newly emerging musical processes become part of compositions and improvisations…

More Public Beta musical experiments from Steve Lawson from Steve Lawson on Vimeo.

Steve Lawson, public beta music experiments. Bleepy electronica time! from Steve Lawson on Vimeo.

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