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So my lil’ tour with Jonas Hellborg is over – we did just three dates to test the water, with a view to doing lots more soon. And we had a great time. More of that soon – there are photos and video to be shared, and stories to tell, but for now, something else…

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to see the cover story in Bass Guitar Magazine this month. If you’ve not been able to find it in a shop, the digital edition can be bought from Pocket Mags.

So, the big question is, what did we not get to in the interview that you’re most interested to know? Any burning questions about basses, tech, approach, business, my career, my philosophy, improv, teaching.. anything really… This is where to ask them.

Post those questions in the comments here, and I’ll then compile a second interview to sit alongside the already-very-comprehensive one in the magazine (it really is one of the best interviews I’ve ever had – Joel asked a whole lot of questions that I’ve never explored in that way before at all).

This is the solobasssteve AMA. Sound good? Off you go 🙂

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  1. Aside from the work you put into your solo music, do you or have you in the past studied and played more codified systems of music such as jazz, western classical, Indian classical, etc?

  2. I would love to hear how you integrate the Kaoss pad into your setup, I keep seeing it in your videos and I have considered adding one to my setup for overall effects to my main overall loops. Was wondering what you have found you like about using it and what you feel it adds to the overall sound. I like the idea of being able to add some variances to the loop as well as atmospheres based on the show to the overall sound. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!!

  3. thanks, Steve that’s a cool taster before i catch the rerun (come on Travis). there were interesting tensions between unsettling edgy purely rhythmic elements and soothing enveloping harmonies. i would have asked how conscious you were of creating that conversation/resolving conflict and how much you just felt/expressed it through experiementing…

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