Leo Abrahams – Scene Memory

Picked up Leo Abrahams’ new CD, ‘Scene Memory’ at his gig the other night, and have been listening to it today. It’s quite a different affair from his first album, Honeytrap, which is all big melodies and involved chord progressions. This one is much more ambient – loads of really heavily filtered delay sounds on his guitar and gorgeous lush pads, through which Leo weaves his melodies is a less obvious way than before. Both albums are really beautiful, and it’s great to hear the tracks on the CD sound pretty close to the way he plays them live – I don’t know of each track on the CD is a single live performance, but it sounds like it.

If you like what I do, you REALLY ought to check out Leo’s stuff. He’s an amazing musician ,and gorgeous composer, and he’s doing the Recycle Collective on the 20th of September. Be there!


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