Radio from the Edinburgh Fringe

For the last two days, Danny Baker’s show on Radio London has been hijacked by Amy Lame to present two shows from the Edinburgh Fringe. On thursday she was joined by Sue Perkins, and today by Andre Vincent.

I saw Sue Perkins show at the Fringe, but it’s when she’s just chatting, riffing off whoever the guest happens to be that you really see what a remarkable comic brain she has – even though the guests are often comics, she still racks up four one-liners to anyone else’s one.

It just made me want to be back up there (apart from anything else, I’d probably have a fair stab at getting on the air on a show like that!) – I’m definitely doing three weeks next year. You can hold me to that!

Anyway, head over to the BBC Radio London webpage and click on the ‘listen again’ links for Danny Baker’s show for Thursday and Friday, and that’ll give you the two shows, with some guests from the Fringe and general Edinburgh chit-chat.

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