Gotta love macs.

Ever since TSP and I got an iBook last summer, I’ve wrestled with trying to get things on the laptop to print via printer sharing on my XP PC. now that the iBook is connected to the internet independently of the PC, I thought ‘ah, it’d be nice to connect it straight to the printer as well’. So I go to the Epson website to find the drivers. ‘no driver available’ which at first seems like a bad thing, but the second sentence says ‘possibly because it’s already built in to OSX’ or something like that.

So I plug in the printer, and hit ‘print’ and up comes a box that tells me it’s an Epson Colour 680 (oh yes, 2001’s finest technology) and proceeds to print the document.

Live with OSX gets easier and easier. Roll on the 12 intel-powered MacBook…

Soundtrack – Andrew Buckton, ‘Now, But Not Yet’ (probably my favourite of all the albums I’ve played on that don’t have my name on the cover. The whole process was a pleasure from start to finish)

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