What are the scores on the doors? one old lawyer and 417 Quail…

There are loads of political stories I want to blog about right now. Like this and this, but right now, I just want to highlight one thing about the story of Dick ‘head’ chaney shooting an old man in the face. By accident.

The accident element makes a change, I guess, and at least this time a member of the US government did the shooting themselves, rather than getting the army to shoot people for nothing.

But that’s not really the main bit of this story for me – no, this is – apparently, on the shoot, there were 500 captive-bred birds released to be shot at. 417 were shot. FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN. Sweet Jesus, were they using grenades???? What kind of sicko wants to pretend that a slaughter like that is sport? as harry hutton points out ‘that’s not a hunt, it’s a fucking pogrom’.

Where on earth is the pleasure in that? There’s clearly no sporting skill required (a concept I still can’t get my head round, but I find it easier to manufacture a leap of logic if there’s something to pit your wits against) – it’s just sadistic brutality to release massive numbers of birds to be blasted into a million pieces by the kind of fuckwit who doesn’t even know not to point a gun at a person in that setting.

Are the NRA going to revoke his membership? Will he be prevented from owning and handling a gun again? Will people wake up to the idea that the kind of sick shitbag who sees that kind of avian massacre as ‘fun’ is clearly a moral disaster area? Of course not.

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  1. it’s not looking great for the lawyer either. he’s back in intensive care after what’s described as a ‘minor heart attack’…..

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