Last Two Gigs on My March Tour – Birmingham and Guildford.

So March has been a *beautiful* month for gigs – starting with the London Bass Guitar Show, and taking in solo shows in Cheltenham and Southampton, and a show in Kidderminster with Andy Edwards and Phi Yaan-Zek. THANKS SO MUCH to all y’all who came out to the gigs. It’s been a beautiful time of surprising and exciting music, weird and wonderful banter, and a great chance to catch up with friends all over the place (not to mention to hear some great music from James Chatfield and Poppy Waterman-Smith in Cheltenham, and Alex Ayling-Moores and his band in Southampton!) 

The last two shows on my slightly spread out tour are a week away – Sunday 26th is back at Tower Of Song in Birmingham (ticket link) with drum genius, Andy Edwards (Robert Plant, Frost*, IQ, Magenta, Kiama etc. etc.) and then the day after, March 27th, I’m in Guildford (ticket link) doing an ‘Illuminated Loops’ show with artist Poppy Porter – SO excited about both of these gigs.

The show with Andy will be recorded for a live album, and the show with Poppy is right at the start of my research period for my PhD, looking at the audience experience of improv. So we’re going to put on our bestest possible show, and then have a lovely chat with y’all about it 🙂

2017 is getting REALLY exciting for music – more gigs are coming up, I’ve got two collaborative albums ready to be released in the next few weeks, and my set from Southampton on this tour is in the middle of being mixed as a subscriber-only release. (head to for info on that).

For now, PLEASE spread the word about these two tour-ending shows. If you’re not nearby and want me to come and play near you, that has a WAY higher chance of happening if the rest of my gigs are well attended and create a bit of a buzz. Venues tend to notice that kind of thing.

Facebook links for the two gigs: Birmingham, and Guildford. (for your sharing consideration 🙂  )

Here’s a link to some wonderful photos from the Southampton gig, by Aidan Hampson.

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