Two versions of Orange Crush by REM (solo bass cover version)

Right, I’ve had a busy couple of days, working on a new cover version. Lobelia and I were talking on Saturday afternoon about which REM song we’d like to cover. The logical answer was ‘all of them’ – way too many great songs to be able to choose. When we got home, I decided to have a go at Orange Crush as my start-point. I played it through once to work out how it goes, and recorded the 2nd time – that’s here:

Then today, I thought I’d do a version for video, and that’s here:

Compare and contrast! It’s a pretty good example of where my bass sound is heading – the layered overdrives and all the gnarly goodness they bring is there in full effect, as well as the more edgy, forceful tone of these lovely new Dunlop Super Bright Strings that I’ve got on that bass. I love them!

More new music a week today – that’s when Diversion is released!

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