Twitter Brain-dump About The New Music Economy

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.42.20Just had a rather extensive twitter-rant about art, commerce, indie, labels, work, commerce… that sort of stuff. Here are the tweets:




















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  1. Quote: “it’s OK to be angry that the story we’ve been told for the last 60 years is mostly BS”

    This is not just the case for music people, though you have been among the first to feel the impact of web-led technological change. Many of us who grew up in the late twentieth century, and formed our understanding of the world in that context, will really struggle to cope with this “disruption” thing that so many people are talking about.

    I found this blog post of yours thanks to a retweet from @davidlyonmusic. His wife Yvonne has certainly found a way to survive in the brave new world, as described in this very positive piece by Colin Kelly:
    In the old twentieth-century world she might have remained a school teacher – a very worthwhile thing to do – but a wider audience would have been deprived of hearing her wonderful songs. So there are many positives in the changing music business.

  2. I saw Neil Gaiman’s talk about making good art. I feel some of that sentiment here as well.

    But what happens when the art I would LIKE to make is in a battle with the art I am ABLE to make? This isn’t about being incapable of making art in general. I can still make good art, just a different kind from what I want.

    Of course, you know exactly what I’m referring to. I just thought I’d generalize it a bit here.

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