New Video Pt 2 – Me Talking About Music-Things!

Right, part 2 of the new videos round-up. Firstly, here are two fairly long videos of a panel discussion I was involved in as part of a UKTI (UK Trade & Industry) event about music and enterprise, put on by Chinwag. I was on a fabulous panel with the ever-so-clever Laura Kidd, Rich Huxley and Paul Bay, excellently moderated by Lisa Holloway. A good time was had by all. And it was followed by an ‘ask the experts’ session, which has some wisdom in it too. Here they are ::

Then, this recently cropped up on Facebook – a lil’ documentary about the Euro-Arab Youth Music Expo that I spoke at last year. It’s all excellent, but the video here starts at the point where I start talking about my experience in Cyprus, and then there’s a fairly lengthy excerpt from my talk. 🙂 But do scroll back to the start and watch the whole thing, it’ was an amazing event, and I hope I get to go back this year…!

I’ve just finished a little masterclass tour, at colleges and universities in Salford, Birmingham and London. Hoping to line up more soon!

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