Video of Last Night’s House Concert

As usual, our show at lovely @tapps‘ house was streamed, and is now archived on UStream – it’s embedded below, but if you click here, it should be iPad/iPhone/Flash-free viewable too…

There’s a lot of very silly stuff between the songs, and Tapps sits in with us on Djembe on four songs, which is fabulous. The chat does offer a bit more insight into where some of the songs come from too… If you’ve got the album, you’ll be able to hear the process of me learning the songs – I’m getting there with a few of them. The first three tunes on 11 Reasons… work really well as the beginning of my set (though at this show I switched the first and second ones round, just so I could start with something a little more ‘up’.)

Anyway, enjoy:

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  1. You know that when it comes to me, I can’t be objective: I love watching your concerts because it is like being in the room with you guys!

    And I get to talk at the same time (and probably be interrupted before the end of the concert, but you won’t know it, will you?)

    What a treat that you are broadcasting! I love hearing the back stories nearly as much as (okay, truth to the matter, I love it more than) listening to the numbers!

    Now, you need to add a program, so that I know where and what the favorite pieces I heard are!

    Yeah! that’s what you get for a penny!


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