Ten Years On: Live In London – Brand New Live Recording!

It’s out! I’ve been talking for the last week on Twitter and Facebook about mixing the recording of my solo set from last week’s London gig with Michael Manring, at Round Midnight, and here it is:

In addition to the tracks listed in the player, there’s one ‘hidden’ track that you only get with the full album download. And as always, you’re welcome to pay whatever you think it’s worth for the download. Have a listen, see what you think.

So, 6 tracks that provide a really interesting ‘Ten Years On’ comparison with my first album – also a live album recorded in London – ‘And Nothing But The Bass‘. It feels good to be able to put out a record that reflects some of what’s happened in the intervening years in terms of my sound, approach etc…

It also shows the massive advances in recording tech – my first album was recorded live to MiniDisc, before Jez Carr fixed it up in ProTools LE. I’m now able to record everything multi-tracked, mix it properly and release 24bit downloads via Bandcamp. Truly, we’re in the best time ever for people making music!

Some of these tunes are well documented elsewhere, but are different enough here to be worth including. And there are two new tunes – Travelling North (though there’s a demo version up on Soundcloud), and the hidden track…

Hope you enjoy it – it’s the curse of a lot of musicians that they fail to stop and take stock of what they’ve done, where they’ve come from, and instead are always driven by the need to do something new. I have that too, but force myself to look back and smile at what has been a really fun decade as a solo performer.

All the photos (there’s a different one for each track) are from the gig, and by Paul Parkinson – thanks very much Paul for letting me use the pics!

Here’s ‘And Nothing But The Bass’ for comparison:

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