Top jazz fact…

Thelonius Monk’s middle name was Sphere! What fantastic parent’s he must’ve had, to name their son ‘Thelonius Sphere’.

And I think therein lies my problem – Steve Turner always said that he’s childhood was too stable to be a ‘proper’ poet (well, he wrote a poem about that, anyway), and I think my name is too normal for me to ever be a jazz legend.

So, a list of possible jazz middle names – tree, crumbs, glassware, trousers, tarmac, risotto, kneecap, jupiter, enema, chimney, armchair, poppins, cuffs, anglepoise, aldi, betamax, combustible, sludge, tabasco, compost, certified….

nope, just going to stick with ‘steve lawson’ for now. though it must be said, steve ‘anglepoise’ lawson has a certain air of mystique…

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