GRRRRR, Apple meddling with great apps…

I HATE it when corporations do shit like this – a while ago, a friend turned me on to a great application called ‘Cover Flow’ – it basically catalogued all the albums in your iTunes folder and automatically downloaded the cover art for them so you can flick through it like a stack of records. A really great app. The interface was good, and the fact that it ignored single tracks, and just stuck with albums was great. It kept the whole thing neat.

Naturally, Apple saw it and wanted a piece of the action, and have built it into the new version of iTunes. But they’ve messed it up! It catalogues everything, uses the cover images embedded in the MP3s, is much harder to update, doesn’t jiggle around in the groovy way that cover flow did, and isn’t full screen, cos it’s built into itunes. In short, it’s a crap version of the freeware one that was put out before.

Thank God I’ve still got the original app, and I’m holding onto it. I might see if there’s way of uploading it somewhere for anyone if any of you want it… it’s for mac only though…

[UPDATE] GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR – the old Coverflow doesn’t integrate with the new iTunes!!!! How shit is that? So I’m going to have to ‘make the best of it’ with the new shit cover flow. not fair at all.

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  1. Maybe you should save your anger for the authors of the original app who sold it to Apple. You’re not misunderstood. You’re just wrong.

  2. dearest ‘none’ (anonymous commenting? how classy). I’ll go against my better judgement to just delete your comment and respond by saying that I don’t begrudge them the right to sell it, and wouldn’t have minded itunes incorporating it if they’d kept the best of the features. But it seems like a slightly crappier version of what was there originally, it doesn’t integrate particularly well, doesn’t have the easy/handy links for getting images for lesser known albums…

    I hold no malice towards the people who coded it, I’m just annoyed at Apple for releasing it substandard. I don’t think in this case I’m misunderstood or wrong – just pissed off at something not being how it was, and targeting my pissed-off-ness at Apple, the people who clearly stand by their product and have the final say over what gets released.

    Feel free to comment again, but a name would be nice, and keep it friendly or I’ll just delete it – this is not democratic space by any stretch of the imagination.

  3. Hmmmm I have pc version of a similar bit of software, slightly worried now that it’s not going to work with the latest version of iTunes.

    As for the closing non sequituer of the anonymous commenter; well Steve if you disagree and feel that you are actually misunderstood we happen to be looking for submissions at

  4. on top of that apple totally screwed up (on Purpose??) the windows realease of itunes 7….. just do a google for “itunes 7…..more bugs than a roach motel…”
    I watched the steve jobs presentation online this week, i wanted it..(for pc),,, it dont work…period.

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