Hang on… That's my Car!!!

So I’m sat on the tube, heading up towards Arnos Grove – the bit where it comes out from underground and goes overground for about half a mile. Looking out the window, I see in a car park the familiar shape and colour of a Ford Fiesta, the same as the one I SCRAPPED last September… the number plate looks familiar too… and the KPIG sticker on the back. THAT’S MY OLD CAR!!!! How the hell did it end up in a car park in Arnos Grove? I sold it as scrap!

Anyway, after the initial weirdness of seeing it there, I’m glad that the bloke I sold it to was able to salvage it enough to resell it – I’m sure repairing and reusing it is a far more environmentally sound way of dealing with old cars that melting them down for scrap given that a) that’s going to give off a lot of pollutants and a whole load of bits in the car are just going to get chucked and b) whoever bought the car would’ve bought another car anyway, so it’s not like it’s actually a part of the process of reducing the number of cars on the road.

What an odd experience!

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  1. i sold a car for scrap once. the next thing i knew about it was receiving a parking ticket for an offence committed in kingston high street!

    i had write a very nice letter to get out of that one.

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