Sunday night in Edinburgh

Two gigs today – one a waste of time, one lots of fun.

Day started out much the same as any other Edinburgh day, with loads of flyering and postering. last night and tonight are ‘two for one’ ticket nights, so lots of shouting ‘two tickets for the price of one tonight!’ at peoples.

But before my own proper gig, I’d been asked to play at the Fringe opening party (it wasn’t that I was chosen especially – they’d sent out a request for musicians interested in playing, and I’d emailed back). I was told I’d be in ‘the music room’ which was different from the other stages mentioned in that it didn’t end in the word ‘Bar’, which was promising. A promise that failed utterly to deliver. The band on before me was a Stone tribute band, for whom it was the ideal setting. Lots of very drunk people talking loudly and dancing. Yup, ideal Stevie solo setting.

For the record, I HATE BAR GIGS. with a passion. I generally won’t play solo in a bar for less than £250. I hate the idea of playing for free in venue where the venue are selling shitloads of booze, making a fortune and I’m in the corner playing my music for audience who couldn’t give a shit. This was everything I hate in a gig. I guess I should have been more clear in what I was expecting. Anyway, I only gig a 15 minute set, and got the hell out of there.

The ‘proper’ gig tonight was lots of fun. It took a little longer than usual to set up as I had to rebuild the rack after playing at the party, but the audience was lots bigger (35 tickets, plus a couple of friends who got in free), and they seemed to love the show (I now have a couple of text votes on my webpage ).

Here’s hoping the numbers stay up now, as word of mouth starts to spread… methinks I’m not going to get that much traffic from the Fringe party…

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