Gig three at Greenbelt…

So yesterday was a much more mellow day here, just hanging out, seeing some music, chatting to friends, eating lovely music, and not doing any work at all until I had to compere in Centaur (big indoor venue here on the racecource) for gigs by Juliet Turner and Ricky Ross – the nice thing about compering in Centaur is that the music seems to have been booked just for me – I always get to introduce bands that I really like, and want to see anyway. I was offered a slot compering on the mainstage this year, but just couldn’t muster up enough enthusiasm for some of the stuff on (though it would have been great to introduce Ben Castle and Carleen Anderson, both of whom played and were amazing.)

So that was yesterday.

Today was back into work-mode, starting with a two hour rehearsal with Duncan for this afternoon’s gig. That led straight into the soundcheck, which was held up due to Daby Toure’s band taking a heck of a long time to soundcheck, meaning that we had less than a minute to sort out all the monitors! As a result, the onstage sound wasn’t great, and we had the occasional rhythm-glitch, but Duncan and Rise were both amazing, and the rest of us kept things moving! A hugely enjoyable gig, much appreciated by the audience. Getting to play with musicians as good as Duncan and Rise was a bit of a dream and I hope it happens again soon!

the rest of the day will be spent chillin’ with TSP, hopefully seeing some gigs and catching a seminar or two.

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