First day in Edinburgh

so I’ve arrived in Edinburgh, and can I find free wifi anywhere? Can I shite. Where I’m sat at the moment, I could get online via the hotel across the road, but their wifi costs £8 for 2 hours, and I don’t want two hours, I want about half an hour and I want it for free…

Anyway, enough about that. It’s great being back in the city, waiting for the festival to start – posters are going up (not mine, sadly, as I was too late getting them printed and won’t have them til Wednesday – what a loser!) and venues are being prepared. My next job is to go and find something to wear on stage – I’ve got my lovely furry coats with me, but want something else groovy to wear too.

I’ve also got to start confirming my special guests for the show – I’ve had a few people agree to come and sit in on a gig or two, but haven’t booked anyone in for particular dates. Must get onto that.

There’s not that much I can do here til the flyers and posters are ready, then it goes mad. And as my show starts two days before the ‘official’ start of the fringe, I’ve got extra work to do to get an audience for the first couple of shows (please, feel free, nay, compelled to come along on the 5th/6th if you happen to be in Edinburgh!)

I also need to try and drum up some more press – sent out another press release this morning, and will see if I can chase up my contact at The Arts Show on BBC Radio Scotland from last year, in case there’s a chance of getting back on there.

If any of you have any groovy press contacts or ideas, please email ’em over!

soundtrack – right now, it’s the retro radio station that’s playing in this cafe (Nik Kershaw, The Stranglers, Diana Ross…), and before that it was a bunch of MP3s that I’ve copied onto my phone to use as an MP3 player – KT Tunstall, John Martyn, The Cure, Talking Heads etc. lots of fun. In fact, after listening to it just now, I thinking of having a go at a solo version of ‘I Don’t Want To Know About Evil’ by John Martyn. Such a great song.

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