Italy post no. 10

(written 25/7/05 13.13)


can’t seem to find wifi access in Linate Airport! And I’m stuck here for about three hours. Shitty shit.

<10 minute gap>

nope, just looked around and checked at information, and there’s no wireless access in the airport!! How nuts is that? Apart from anything else, surely they are missing a major money making venture – I’d be happy to pay for it, given that I’m here for hours and would really like to get some stuff done. Instead, I’ll have to read a book or write rubbish like this to upload to the blog later on.

I just can’t believe that an airport doesn’t have wifi! It makes no sense at all… grrrrr. A slightly crappy end to a rather marvellous weekend.

And I can’t even check my rack into Easy Jet for another 40 minutes, I’m that early. It’s good to be early, but it’s also good to have something to do when you are early. Ever get the feeling you’re just typing cos you’re bored?