The Co-Op caught in a moral quandry…

Question – does it constitute discrimination to exclude someone based on them being discriminatory?

Such is the problem facing The Co-Operative Bank, who have terminated the account of Christian Voice, over the ‘homophobia’ in their stance and literature. Those odious Christian Voice people (the ones who came to prominence by protesting Jerry Springer – The Opera, and have since become, rather tragically, the self-appointed spokes people for ‘the church’, or at least the tiny proportion of the churc that they wouldn’t consider apostate.

The Co-Op bank have a history of banning people under the terms of their ethical policy, and in a rather bizarre and hilarious twist, Christian Voice have found themselves with some, I suspect, rather unwanted support… from the BNP!

The execrable racists have issued a press release (I was going to link to it, but you can find their site if you want to – I don’t want to give them traffic. it’s dated June 24th) coming out in favour of the Christian Voice, and against the horrible political correctness of the Co-Op. The BNP has previously had it’s accounts closed by Barclays and the HSBC (slightly ironic given barclays refusal to terminate dealings with apartheid-era South Africa, but we’ll let that one slide for now…)

So Christian Voice may have found a fitting bedfellow for their crazy ranting.

Either way, I’m glad I bank with the Co-Op.

Soundtrack – Charlie Hunter Quartet, ‘Natty Dread’.

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