Should the words 'Big Brother' and 'Role Models' appear in the same sentence??

From the BBC News site,

“Reality TV show Big Brother portrays role models with values that inspire its viewers, the chief executive of Channel 4 has said.”

OK, Andy Duncan is a christian, who was talking to a christian group about C4’s religious output. Surely this is just bollocks? I don’t think Andy has anything to defend from the point of being a christian – I’ve never really thought about it from that point of view – but to suggest that there’s anything ‘wholesome’ about BB is clearly rubbish.

The contestants this year in particular have been chosen because they are likely to get hammered, show their boobs and hopefully start shagging at some point. They weren’t chosen because that posessed any qualities that people aspire to…

Why do Christians always come out with this nonsense? If he’d just said ‘look, I might be Chief Exec of C4 but I didn’t start the station, and there’s only so much I can do to change it. It’s a commercial station, and BB brings in huge revenue from the ads – I couldn’t cancel it if I wanted to. However, if I want to have any kind of positive influence here, I’m going to have to put up with broadcasting the odd hour of drivel now and again, OK?’

It would be more honest…

(oh, and in Tennis news, Andrew Murray has just taken the first set in his second round match… it’s looking good.)

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