The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging

So The Small Person and I have been doing some much needed spring cleaning. TSP is very well organised at things like this, and I deal well with being given one big but simple task to do. Mine was breaking up all the millions of cardboard boxes that we’ve accumulated so that we can fit them into the car and take them to the local recycling centre tomorrow.

I’m suddenly aware again of just how much excess packaging we’re given with everything! The polystyrene is particularly frustrating as our local recycling centre doesn’t take it, and I can’t think of any possible use for it. At least the stuff that’s packed in cut ‘n’ folded cardboard mounts can be recycled easily, or even composted if we could be bothered to shred it. Polystyrene is the great evil. or at least a great evil. There are others. Celine Dion, for example. Or Walmart.

So I’m sure this task will drag on and on, and we’ll be tidying on and off for years, but at least we’ve made a start, after five years of not tackling this stuff!

Another job that definitely needs doing is my henna-ing my roots – if I leave it go any more grey, I’m going to slowly morph into Mitch, out of Mitch and Mickey

Truly frightening!

SoundtrackKris Delmhorst, ‘Songs For A Hurricane’; Bob Marley, ‘Legend’; Sarah Slean, ‘Night Bugs’.

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