some good (but surprising) and bad (but inevitable) news

Well, my wallet turned up this morning! Delivered via registered post. Apparently it was just stuck into a post box (the way whoever it was who took the money out of it – there’s the bad news – disposed of it) – the post office then returned it to the address on my driving licence inside.

So, I got it back, with driving licence in (that’s saved me £19), my cards (which have now been replaced), some receipts (which will save me some money as I can write off the stuff on them for tax), my blockbuster card (which I’d forgotten was in there), and a full Subway sub club card (so I’ll still get my free sandwich!)

So, I’m glad to get it back, and it’s kind of inevitable that the money would be missing.

If it was you that returned my wallet but didn’t take the money, thanks for your act of kindness.

If it was you that returned my wallet and did take the money, thanks for sending it back, but no thanks for stealing the money I needed to pay a tax bill, you bastard.

If it was you that took it, took the money, and dumped it, you’re scum and I hope the next time you try that you get arrested. A pox be on your ASBO’d head.

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