The 360 Deal – A Book Of Very Useful Music Advice

I’m in a new book!

It’s called The 360 Deal, and was conceived and assembled by Andrew Dubber (my colleague in New Music Strategies). A few months back he shared the idea with me and we started to assemble a list of possible contributors and in this first digital release are about 100 of the eventual 360 contributions. If you buy it now, you’ll get all the future updates for free!

The book costs $3.60 (or more, and some people have paid LOTS more) and ALL the money is going to Music Basti – an amazing charity that works with at-risk children, using music to strengthen and empower them.

You can buy the book on Leanpub here. Go to the 360 Deal website here.
Listen to the podcast that Dubber and I recorded about it here.
Read what Hypebot had to say about it here.

Then go and tell ALL your friends about it. Let’s all get wise, get educated, and help kids in poverty in India while we’re at it, yes?

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  1. More thoughts on contributions and contributors:

    Rudolf Schenker (founder and lead guitarist German rock group Scorpions, author of Rock Your Life)

    Paulo Coelho (writer and strong advocate of piracy, former record executive, producer and songwriter)

    Save the Tumbledown Dick (importance of small venues for live music)

    The Barn (hosting live gigs)

    Rudolf Shenker was told he could not be a rock guitarist, he was German and only Brits and Americans could be rock guitarists, he ignored the advice and followed his dreams.

    Paulo Coelho ignored the advice he was given and followed his dreams.

    That is probably the most important advice you can be given. Follow your dreams, give it a try, or spend the rest of your life regretting your humdrum life. Play music because you love it, because it gives you a buzz, not because it makes your famous, not because it makes your rich.

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