Slow Food, Track By Track, Pt 1 – The Upward Spiral

Click here to download The Upward Spiral. And here to download the whole ‘Slow Food’ album.

It was really tricky to choose the opener for the album, and this wasn’t the obvious first choice, as it has a kind of false start… it feels likes it’s going to be all big and ambient, then Trip hints at a sparse bass groove, I switch to the rolling rhythmic line, he follows, then jumps in with the jaunty melody, switches to fretless…

Two minutes in, it’s hopefully clear why it’s the opener.

Joyous, optimistic, improvised music. That’s the idea.

Of course it turns into a freaky glitch-fest at the end, but not before a crescendo of euphoric blade-runner-esque cinematic guitar-ish-ness.

All hail the Kaoss Pad KP3. Nuff Said.

5 Replies to “Slow Food, Track By Track, Pt 1 – The Upward Spiral”

    1. Thanks Matt! That’s all quantized/pitch shifted replace stuff, put through the kaoss pad for the big swirly effect. Lots o’ funz 🙂

  1. This is such a lovely, beautiful, happy song. Are you going to release a CD of this album?

    My only wish is that there was a way of telling which bit was played by Trip and which was you 🙂

  2. Yes, it is definitely the best choice of song on the album for an opener. Love the bass riff that starts things off. The album has soundtracked my postie round the last couple of days and it’s been all the better for it 🙂

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