EdFringe, Monday, Day off

No main show on Monday – the venue was already booked up when we got our run booked in.

So much of the day was spent flyering and postering on the Royal Mile, and TSP and I went to see Amy Lame’s ‘Mama Cass Family Singers’ – an intriguing and very original show about Amy’s life as a child star. TSP and I were talking about it for the rest of the day, which in a city on the verge of collapse under the weight of shows here, is a very good thing.

After a great show, some not so great news – The ginger fairly aged feline has taken ill again – not good signs at all, so TSP has this morning (tuesday) hot-footed it (or perhaps hot-railed) back to London. The thought that he may well be gone before I get home is one I’m trying not to dwell on – got to be chipper and smiley on the fringe. It’s a slightly odd feeling not having a show that I can feed such information into. If I was doing a solo show, there’d be a whole bit about the cats in it by now… No way to tie that in with this show – I mean, we do do ‘Lovecats’, but Julie’s already got a great intro into that…

So anyway, TSP and I made our first – and last together for this year – trip to the magical veggie goodness world of Henderson’s last night. If you’re at the fest, go to Henderson’s. OK, it’s a bit more spendy than Subway or McFilth, but it’s all properly cooked veggie, mainly organic loveliness. Well worth a treat if you’re audience is in double figures.

so today, with TSP back to London, we’re down one on the flyering team. It’s possible that my mum is coming to visit, so that’ll help (she’s v. good with flyering).

Failing that, tell your friends, or come along yourself!