A reprieve for the Fairly Aged Feline

Took the tiny ginger one back to the vets this morning (this time last week, we were warned that he might have to be put down at this point). He’s been much more lively this week than last week, is eating well, and seemed to have bounced back, but we needed a blood test to see what was actually happening.

Miraculously, the creatin levels in his blood are down from 800-and-something to 400-and-something, and his phosphorus levels are down too. So that’s great news. Vet thinks the slump might have been related to his cancer, so gave him a chemo tablet that has no side-effects, and won’t knock his kidneys out like some of the other ones do…

So it’s a reprieve. He’s still, sadly, on the way out, but he’s happy at the moment, getting loads of cuddles and fussin’ and may have a few weeks left with us, God willing.

this is him yesterday…

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