CD recommendations from yesterday…

For any students from Salford reading this, here’s a list of all the CDs I mentioned at various times and for various reasons throughout the masterclass yesterday –

Voodoo – D’Angelo (made me rethink my whole understanding of rhythm)
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back – Public Enemy (ditto, also amazing for the cavalier way they treat ideas of dissonance and tonality)
Spirit Of Eden – Talk Talk (the one mastered by the bloke who mastered my last record, a glorious album)
Michael Manring – Soliloquy (not only the finest solo bass album ever made, one of my most amazing solo statements by any instrumentalist ever)
John Lester – Big Dreams And The Bottom Line (the solo bass/singer-songwriter who was on at Bass Day that I’ve toured with, who’s fantastic)
KT Tunstall – Eye To The Telescope (I shouldn’t really need to list this, but she’s the anti-Blunt – great in exactly the same ways that James Blunt is shit.)
And of course all my my stuff, available via my webshop where you can also get the Michael Manring and John Lester CDs.

Can’t think of any others that I mentioned for now, but if you want a more exensive listening list, just request it, along with the areas you’re interested in, in the comments section. :o)

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