Hacker logic

So my forum was hacked. The hacker in question was clearly a fairly benign hacker – no links to porn, no major disruption. It was actually more of a warning than anything else. However, in the process of upgrading my site to the new very with all the security patches, I’ve lost all the edits I made to the templates. I did a backup of everything before hand, but apparently ‘everything’ doesn’t include edited templates. Ah, my mistake, I thought this was the ‘everything’ usage of the word ‘everything’, rather than the version of the word ‘everything’ that means ‘not quite everything, actually’.

So the forum looks a bit weird at the moment. And probably will do for while – it took me ages to get it looking nearly right last time (I never quite got the integration spot on – some font differences and a patch of grey background behind the links bar), but I’ll have a go at it soon enough… and this time I’ll see if I can back up the files as I go along…


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