Reasons to be tidy, Pt III

Oh shit, I’ve just found, sealed in an envelope, addressed ready to be sent, a signed form admitting that I was driving my car at the time it was caught on a speed camera back at the end of august. I was SURE I’d sent this, but just now, having a bit of a tidy up (not so as you’d notice, but still) I found it, sealed. And it’s now 29 days from when it was supposed to be sent – shitty shit. I’ve no idea how fastidious the police are about the dates on these things – does the fine go up? Will I get a summons? I’ll post it first thing in the morning, and hopefully they’ll get the letter before they instigate whatever proceedings they are thinking of instigating. it’s ironic that I no longer own that car… no, actually it’s not ironic, it’s just because I sold it. There’s no irony in selling a car, what am I talking about?

Anyway, fingers crossed/prayers whispered that it doesn’t go any further than this, just the usual fine/three points deal (fortunately since my last speeding offence, my first speeding offence has expired, so that’ll be three points coming of my licence just as these three points are going on.)

time for some sleep I think, and then to post the letter first thing!

Soundtrack – The The, ‘Singles’; Talking Heads, ‘Stop Making Sense’.

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