Finally a successful postering day.

So yesterday was a fine day – firstly, the small person is now here, and helping out with flyering, which is great. She’s such a star.

Secondly, my posters finally arrived. Yay! And what’s more, the print company agreed to refund the ‘premium’ extra I paid for for a wednesday delivery. I mean, that had to really, but it’s nice that they did it without any fuss. Though due to my formerly lost visa card being cancelled, the trouble now is how to get the money from them! It’s proving complex.

But at least I managed to get posters up in many of Edinburgh’s top watering holes, and a few up along the royal mile. Which by the time I get back to Edinburgh today will be covered up by some other show, and I’ll have to stick new ones up and the layering will start again. That’s just the way it goes here. The nice thing about posters in pubs is that they tend not to get covered up.

And I have a tip for anyone flyering in pubs. Stick a poster above the sinks in the loos. That way, you can guarantee that your audience will have clean hands. Nobody wants people who don’t wash their hands after taking a leak to come to their show, so use your postering skillz as a filter, and shun the unwashed.

Today we decamp to Edinburgh proper, though right now I’m still in Berwick on Tweed, waiting for my programmes to be printed. In a nice coincidence I bumped into an old school friend and his mum and dad (who I knew from church and cos they were both school teachers), so the half hour wait wasn’t wasted at all.

and then it’s my first show tonight. Feel free to offer up a prayer on my behalf. or a chant, or sacrifice a virgin if that be your thing. Whatever, send some positive vibes my way for my opening night. I’ve got a few made ideas for things to do, that may or may not come off. In fact, a smaller crowd might be nice for the opening night just to try out some stuff… who am I trying to kid? I want to fill the place! Unlikely, but it would be nice…

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