The Search For Chrome Nail Varnish in Edinburgh

How hard can it be to find chrome nail varnish that isn’t tested on animals in Edinburgh. Or tested on animals anywhere else for that matter – it’s not like I’ve got a particular affection for the animals of Edinburgh, but don’t mind people pouring solvents into Rabbits’ eyes in Sheffield or Midsomer Norton.

Anyway, trying to find said mythical cruelty free cosmetic is proving v. difficult. Superdrug have discontinued stocking Barry M, so only have a few straggly bottles left in the colours that no-one wants. Boots have such a dreadful animal testing record that even if they did label one of their own brands as not tested on animals, I’d feel guilty by association, as though I was buying fairtrade Landmines from British Aerospace, or fairtrade ciggies from Philip Morris. (It never ceases to amaze me how so called ‘green’ consumers can smoke tobacco. Unless you’re growing your own, you’re on seriously suspect ethical ground…)

Anyway, my last remaining bottle of nail varnish has been diluted to the nth degree, and is not a homeopathic representation of what was once nail varnish – I think the idea now is to encourage my nail growth regions in my fingers to actually produce their own chrome colour, thus negating the need for nail varnish at all.

…’Need’ for nail varnish? Surely it’s just vanity. Well, yes, the colour certainly is. The need for a few layers of toughened laquer to protect my actual nails from bass-string abuse is a little more plausible, but it’s certainly more about my tranny side than my musician side anyway.

So the quest continues – any suggestions gratefully received. Just bring ’em along to the show, and I’ll see if I can wangle you a discounted ticket!

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