Ken Livingstone on the bombings…

nice to see Ken getting back to his campaigning side. In the aftermath of the bombings, he quite understandably steered clear of political point scoring and sought to offer words of consolation for the victims and condemnation for those who carried out the bombings.

But now he’s placing the blame for the unrest between Arabs and the west squarely at the feet of 80s years of interventionist politics in the middle east. There are some choice quotes in the article, taken from an interview he did this morning on the Today Programme on Radio 4.

You can Listen again to his interview here.

Most of his comments are bleedin’ obvious, but it’s important that they are made at this time. I think Ken’s timing is also worthy of note – he’s left a respectful gap before engaging in the politics of the discussion, giving time for the first wave of shock and grief to pass (though obviously not for the families of those who died).

Anyway, nice one Ken.

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