Fairly Aged Angel Of Death?

Uh-oh, the moment we feared has arrived… One of the Fairly Aged Felines brought in a dead baby sparrow last night!

There are few possible scenarios here – obviously, worst case is that he caught it, and is getting into hunting. second worse is that it fell out of a nest and he killed it when he found it on the ground, least worst is that he found it on the ground dead. The Sigfried and Roy logic suggests that he brought it in so that we could adminster CPR, but was too late and is now distraught at the demise of his tiny feathered friend.

We’re SO hoping this doesn’t become a habit… it’s the first time any of our Fairly Aged Felines have brought in anything like that. Usually they bring in lots of leaves, stuck to their fur, but never carrion…

Ah well, time to go get ready for tonight’s gig in Guildford – see you there!