Balls to the Olympics

OK, it’s been announced for about four hours and I’m already sick to death of hearing about the Olympics.

Of particular not is the searing paradox between on the one hand claiming that London’s fantastic multicultural heritage helped to swing it, and on the other hand saying ‘hey-hey! we beat the frogs!’ – so much for the Olympics bringing people together. Why do xenophobia and sport walk so snuggly hand in hand?

Sorry, Paris, I wish you’d got it – not cos I care about the olympics, but just to a) not have it here, and b) throw the rancid smugness back in the face of the xenophobes.

And now I’m expected to contribute to the cost via my council tax? Yeah, thanks, I’m so happy to do that. no, really, honest, I don’t mind. Maybe you’d like me to sell all my stuff to help finance it? Heck, I’ll give up being a musician and help build the stadium. Yes, I’d be delighted. Viva 2012.

Balls to 2012.

SoundtrackBruce Cockburn, ‘Live’.

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