Yet another reminder to back up regularly…

One of the forums I visit most regularly online is The Dude Pit – a bass-related forum, hosted by Steve ‘Dude’ Barr. It’s a fun place, with some amazingly knowledgeable bass peoples, some really good friends, and a fair few scary mad people as well. But good scary mad people, I’m sure.

Anyway, the forum is hosted by ezboard – a pay-to-use service that hosts thousands and thousands of boards. They appear to have been hacked on Monday and have lost loads of data, and lots of the money that people had paid in to keep their boards running. All stuff that really ought to be easy enough to restore from their backups, if they had any, which it appears, they don’t.

So, I’m reminded once again to back up everything regularly. All the content on my main website is generated by my PC, so the original copies are all still here. But I do need to remember to make backups of the blog and the forum once in a while…

SoundtrackBill Frisell, ‘The Willies’.

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