geek alert – found a fun bit of code!

Was browsing sites of people who use Audioscrobbler, and found this fun bit of code on someone’s website –

…well, obviously it didn’t say ‘solobasssteve’ on their site, it had their user-name, but what it does is display the last track you listened to, like this –

cool, eh? Will have to add it to the right hand side of the screen here…

Soundtrack – Andrew Booker, ‘Ahead’ (Andrew’s a marvellous drummer, in a band called Pulse Engine, who are fab, and his solo album’s pretty fine too – he came round last night and we recorded a load of bass and drum looped duets – look out for an MP3 or two here soon!); Mo Foster, ‘Time To Think’ (this album is a ‘must have’ for any fretless bassist – a true master at work)

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