Wrong things on-line.

You know when you see a link to something, and just know it’s going to be horrible, but can’t help but look. So it is with Siegfried And Roy’s website – oh yes, the bright orange, mullet-haired, tiger-taming millionaire oompa loompas have a website as cheesey as the act.

Bizarrely I can’t find any mention of the incident that ended their show – Roy being half eaten by a Tiger (‘It was trying to save me after I fainted’ says the implausable talking tangerine).

Anyway, their site contains a load of horseshit about their psuedo-conservation plans for the white tiger, which contains this marvellous give-away line –

“For more than 20 years, we have been entrusted with the care and preservation of the Royal White Tigers. There are now 200 of these precious creatures roaming the earth, 38 with us in Las Vegas.”

Right, so at least 38 of them are in their natural environment of casinos, strip clubs and wedding chapels. I hear that the first white tigers were in fact the off-spring of a normal tiger and an Elvis impersonator in a white jumpsuit… Why anyone who cared about animals would keep 38 endangered tigers in Vegas is beyond comprehension. And why anyone believes that shit is equally unfathomable.

Everything that’s wrong about everything is summed up in the words ‘Siegfried And Roy’.

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