Sad news for the bass world

I heard today that Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen has died – NHOP is one of the greatest jazz double bassists in history. He was playing be-bop heads on upright bass before Jaco recorded Donna Lee on electric, could hold his own with just about any soloist on any instrument, but was equally at home make a beautiful contribution to ballads, with his two most famous band-leaders – Oscar Peterson and Joe Pass. His duet CD with Joe Pass, ‘Chops’, is a master-work, definitely one of the all-time great jazz-duet albums.

He inspired me to want to play jazz when I first got that album, and continues to inspire me today.

It’s a shame he was never as well known as he deserved.

Do yourself a favour and pick up ‘Chops’.

Soundtrack – Antonio Carlos Jobim, ‘Love, Strings And Jobim’ and ‘The Wonderful World Of Antonio Carlos Jobim’; Ron Eschete Trio, ‘Softwinds’ (features Todd Johnson on bass – a remarkable trio)

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