New Pope

So Joseph Ratzinger has been chosen as the new Pope – he was the favourite with the bookies anyway, so it’s not really a surprise, but is slightly disappointing for anyone hoping that the new pope might move forward dialogue within the Catholic Church on Contraception as it relates to the AIDS crisis in Africa, or the ordination of Women or the host of other theological areas of contention that all Christian denominations seem to be wrestling with at the moment.

It was certainly never on the cards that the Conclave were going to elect some out and out liberal as Pope, and it’s just as well – I think such a move would have been divisive in the extreme, but Ratzinger’s record is even more conservative than his predecesor. I just hope he proves me wrong and becomes a progressive voice within the church and the wider world.

The biggest disappointment however is that he missed the chance to follow up Pope John Paul by calling himself Pope George Ringo. Benedict is such a predictable Pope-esque name.

Soundtrack – Don Ross, ‘Passion Session’ (one of the most amazing solo acoustic guitar records ever made)