Today's activity.

Well, after getting my Edinburgh application in yesterday, I’ve been working on my flyer design. It’s weird that so much rests on this – if you’ve got cool looking posters and flyers, people are going to want to see the show. If you haven’t, they aren’t, simple as that. It’s the same as with CDs – I just don’t buy CDs with bad artwork. I get sent them, and sometime enjoy the music on them (been listening to a lot of M83 lately, and really don’t like their packaging at all, but the music’s pretty good – if I’d had to go to a shop and pick the CDs up, they’d have stayed on the shelf).

So, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got so far. Now I’m just working on pithy ways of describing what I do that will appeal to yer average EdFest punter… hmmm, maybe I should just change my name to Antonio Forcione and make it all a whole lot easier!

One thing that’s particularly fun about doing the flyer and posters is that I now have these fantastic photos that Steve Brown took of me. Really fine high quality pics, it’ll make a difference I’m sure. Steve’s just had a couple of high-fallutin’ magazine commissions, so if you’re wanting music photos done in London, get in quick, or he’ll be far to busy to work with the little people like you and I!

that’s one of them, and I’ve scattered a few others around the site.