Download My Entire Solo Works 2000-2014 for £10!

Next week, my brand new solo album comes out. It’s called ‘What The Mind Thinks, The Heart Transmits’, and is a single 45 minute piece, recorded live as accompaniment to a guided meditation on a retreat.

I’ll write more about the album itself next week when it comes out, but for now, as a pre-release option, I’m doing my second ’10 albums for £10′ offer, and making my entire solo back catalogue available via Bandcamp for £10. That’s 14 years of solo bass playing, for  a crisp tenner (or paypal’s impersonation of one).


The album list is: 

What The Mind Thinks, The Heart Transmits (2014)
Believe In Peace (2012)
11 Reasons Why 3 Is Greater Than Everything (2011 – Remastered 2012)
Ten Years On: Live In London (2010)
Behind Every Word (2006)
Grace And Gratitude (2004)
Not Dancing For Chicken (2002 – Remastered 2012)
And Nothing But The Bass (2000)
Lessons Learnt From An Aged Feline (Pt 1) (2002)
Lessons Learned From An Aged Feline (Pt 2) (2004)

Those of you who’ve been around for a while will note the absence of Lessons Learned Pt III – the reason for that is that I’ve no idea where the master recordings are, and as such only have a fairly low res MP3 copy. I’ve rummaged through old hard drives and haven’t yet found anything labeled as that, though there’s a fair chance it’s in amongst some other sessions… When it crops up, I’ll stick it on bandcamp 🙂

If you want to listen before you buy, 9 of the 10 albums are available at

When you buy it, you’ll get Believe In Peace as an immediate download, and the rest will arrive ASAP in the form of download codes – I’ll email you all 10 download codes, and the link to redeem them.

I’ll also be writing extensive PDF sleeve notes over the next week or so, and you’ll get those sent to you as soon as they’re finished 🙂


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