10 albums for £10 – Fill In The Gaps, Give The Rest To Friends

Right, so an interesting thing started happening as soon as I put the ‘Entire Solo Works for £10‘ offer online – people who already had *most* of the albums started buying the set, and then offering the rest of the download codes as gifts to friends who didn’t have those albums or had never heard my music.

I really like this idea – £10 is still way cheaper than buying even two of the albums on iTunes would be, and you can get them as 24Bit FLAC files if you’re a lossless HD audio buff…

So, please, feel free to buy the whole set, keep the ones you need, and either send the rest to people you want to introduce to my music, or offer them up on Twitter/Facebook etc. to people who might want them.

The download codes are single-use – so prob best to  get people to email you and then send them, rather than posting the codes publicly and just annoying anyone who fails to get the album from a code they think is going to work 😉

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