[POSTPONED] Streaming-only gig with Julie Slick Next Monday!


Right, this is going to be all kinds of fun. Julie Slick is on her way to play a festival in Sweden and is stopping off on the way to hang out with Lo and I for a couple of days. Which means that she and I get the chance to do a show together… but it’ll be a show with a difference. It’ll be streaming-only. No live audience at all.

We’ll do it from my studio, and will no doubt record it all too. It’ll be at 8pm on Monday 18th November 2013, and the particular platform we’re going to use has yet to be decided (nothing like last minute planning, eh?)

But it’ll happen, and it will be lovely. Julie’s one of my favourite bassists on the planet – if you don’t already have her two solo albums, you really need to hear/buy/share them over at http://julieslick.bandcamp.com.

We did a gig together in January 2012, in Hollywood, a really lovely house concert hosted by some wonderful friends of mine. We’re really looking forward to doing it again.

More specific details ASAP 🙂

3 Replies to “[POSTPONED] Streaming-only gig with Julie Slick Next Monday!”

  1. Woo-hoo! Can’t wait! But when you announce the platform, please make sure to be clear about the time — i.e., 8:00 pm in what time zone!?

  2. London is 5 hours ahead of US EST so (darnit!) this will fall squarely into my workday. I hope a recording will be made available later (hint, hint).

  3. Just saw this on Steve’s FB page:

    “Sadly, due to a bit of a technical mix-up (Julie & her gear being in different cities) the gig is postponed til next year.”

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