“Mum! Quick! Steve’s Released More Music!”

I know, you were thinking, “it’s been days since I heard anything new from Steve. What’s up with that??” So, here are two new things.

…Well, three new things, actually, but one of them you’ll have to buy to hear 🙂

Firstly, here’s another of the complete shows from the gigs with Daniel Berkman in January. This is the 2nd gig of the tour, and as with all the others this is the entirety of the duo/trio stuff from the show. The track that plays first in the widget, Yosemite, is possibly my favourite music thing I’ve ever been involved in. Here, listen:


You can also now buy JUST the digital downloads of all 10 shows. It’s £25, which is the same price as the USB stick, but if you want to swap, I’ll do a straight swap for your USB stick order, and you’ll get 5 albums now as downloads, and the next 5 as their finished, at roughly weekly intervals. Message me, OK?

Next thing up is a wonderful bit of serendipity – last week I was on a panel for an excellent event organised by the Music Producer’s Guild. One of my fellow panelists was Mark Kelly, keyboardist with UK prog legends Marillion. Mark, as it turns out, is a supremely nice bloke, and we got along like a house on fire. So along with drum-genius Roy Dodds (of Fairground Attraction fame.. and Lawson/Dodds/Wood 🙂 ) we started hatching plans for new music. Mark’s first suggestion was to take some of my existing work and add keyboards, to see if our sound worlds collide in interesting ways. So, he improvised a number of layers over the first track he chose, which happened to be Accidentally (On Purpose) from the album of the same name. The results are both beautiful and interesting, and are the precursor to, I think, a lot more music from the two of us and whoever else we end up getting to join us 🙂

Here it is:

Lastly, the artwork at the top is for Academia, the latest finished show in the FingerPainting: Complete series. Recorded at Stanford Uni, here’s the opening track from it, with me playing a beautiful 6 string fretted Spector bass, that I borrowed from our host for the evening Rod Taylor, and which used to belong to bass legend Chuck Rainey. Mojo to spare!

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